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Running a blog with a couple of editors can be a pain. Especially, if you are the one to want your content look good, have a high listing in search results etc. but your editors don’t have any idea what it is about.

They should have an excerpt for every post and put tags, but they either don’t know how to do or they just ignore what you say. That’s why we created the Automated Editing Plugin

The Plugin

Every time a post is saved, the plugin just checks, whether there is an excerpt or not. If there is no excerpt, it will check, whether you have defined some length or type of excerpt. If you haven’t, the plugin just creates a post excerpt by cutting off all shortcodes of the content and taking the first 3 sentences as the excerpt. In later versions, you will be able to automatically ad the tags as well.

Current Version

The current version of the plugin is 1.6


1.6 Framework streamlined; bugfix
1.5 Framework streamlined; small bugfix
1.4 Ability to check and repair old posts for missing excerpts, ‚more‘ tags and thumbnails; unfixable posts are stored in a list for manual correction; completely multisite enabled; posts can be checked and repaired network wide
1.3 Complete code overhaul
1.2 A post thumbnail is also put now and you can choose an amount of letters as auto-excerpt, too.
1.1 German translation added; one typo fixed
1.0 Initial Release
0.9 beta Basic plugin for personal use


Just download the plugin here, put the folder ‚automated-editing‘ folder into the plugins folder of your WP-installation, activate the plugin and there you go.


If you use the plugin and like it, we appreciate a donation. If you find the plugin useful and like it very much, we appreciate your feedback even more.


5 Gedanken zu “Automated Editing

  1. But still thanks. One thing (that’s why I post the coments): The text after the excerpt is not influenced by my plugin at all. However, one can use the class A5_Excerpt by using the static function text with a couple of parameters. In your code it would look like something like this:

    $args = array(
    'content' => $post->post_content,
    'shortcode' => true / false,
    'readmore' => true (in your case),
    'rmtext' => your arrow or what ever you want,
    'filter' => true / false

    $excerpt = A5_excerpt::text($args);

    It would give you the arrow at the end, but without a link. When I’m once ready, setting up my plugin framework, I will document it a bit more.

  2. Hello and thank you for a great plugin. I couldn’t find an excerpting plugin that would show a defined number of sentences (I needed just one on my site) and Automated Editing does that handsomely.

    Quick question: How can I change the text after the excerpt? Currently it is „…“ and I would like to change it to an arrow character or „Read more“ text. Thank you!

  3. If you could be a bit more specific on what you mean, it would help a lot. Did you do something about the ‚more‘ tags as well or did you leave the settings of the plugin unchanged? What exactly do you mean by ‚the RSS aggregator[…] does not allow you to import the contents of the posts‘? Which aggregator do you use? I have tested the upgrade of the plugin in several circumtances for a long time and only released it, when there were no problems anymore. Could you provide me with some more facts? So, I could start a research. Thanks a lot.

  4. Hi,
    I just wanted to point out that version 1.4 has some problems with the RSS aggregator, does not allow you to import the contents of the post.
    I had to replace the version 1.3

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