Ads Easy Plus

Finally we are almost there and the extended version of our Ads Easy Widget seems to get ready to be released into the wild. Manage your affiliate ads easily Ads Easy Plus and display them randomly to your visitors.

In addition to a widget where you can place your ads, you have now also the possibility to display advertisements at the beginning and the end of the Loop. Furthermore, ads can be placed in the footer of the theme.

With Ads Easy Plus you are not limited to one ad in one widget, like in our Ads Easy which is really meant to keep it as simple as possible, but you can enter as many advertisements as you want and determine where they show up.

You can organise your ad blocks in different groups and assign those groups to different widgets. You can define per ad whether or not only visitors from search engines get to see them or whether they will be invisible for logged in users.

If you write mostly about travel and food, it will make sense to have ads related to food in the categories about food and not in the travel ones. You can even assign an ad block to one specific post or page only. Or to a tag.

In the settings of Ads Easy Plus, you can as well decide whether you want to include custom post types or taxonomies in the assignments.

In practic, it will work like that: If the post doesn’t have a directly assigned ad, the plugin will look in which category the post is. It will search then for ads that are assigned to those. If no assignment is found, a ‚free‘ ad will be displayed.

Stay tuned for more info and wait for the public beta download here.



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